The Talk with Difference

The Talk with Difference

The Talk with Difference

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Marketing Conferencee 2018

17 - 25 October 2018 | Tobacco Dock, London

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About The Talks

The talks aims to identify the issues that have hindered the Socio~Economic Development of the Former Northern Region of Nigeria and profer solutions. Our membership mostly are Professionals of diverse backgrounds living within Nigeria and the Diaspora reflecting the diversity of the North.

We discuss issues as they arise and profer solutions as well as make suggestions for the consideration of Northern groups. We have a team of experts across the globe
That can change the story of inactiveness.

3logy talks is a virtual talk which is holds every Saturday atimes on Wednesdays to talk about emerging and recent developments in an Interactive way .

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Upcoming Talks

Previous Talks

Dr Attahir Murtala Aliyu

Smart Grid; A Possible Solution or Far Cry to the Current Power Issues in Northern Nigeria.

Prof. Attahiru Jega

Restructuring the Political Space for the Socio-Economic Development of Northern Nigeria

Dr. Yahaya Ibrahim

COVID-19 Pandemic and Nigeria: Making Sense of the Numbers

Hon. Justice I.U Bello

Delay in Justice Administration and Congestion in Correctional Services Center.

Dr. Mairo Mandara

The Role of Girls Education in the Development of Nigeria

Dr. kaisan Muhammad

Imbibing Corporate Culture in an Organisation

Mal. Aminu Usman

Dynamics of Contestation: Which Direction for the Northern States?

Chief Audu Innocent Ogbeh

Reminiscence of Northen Nigerian Leadership and the Journey into the Future

Intisar Bashir Kurfi

Recycling Business: Waste to Wealth

Senator Ibrahim Ida

Reminiscence of Northen Nigerian Leadership and the Journey into the Future


Towards Finding A Lasting Solution To The Rising Cases Of RAPE

Dr. Usman Bugaje

Leadership and Development: Re-evaluating our leadership recruitment process.

Nasir Yammama

Leveraging Technology to Improve Agriculture Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Opportunities in Northern Nigeria.

Nasir Baba Ahmed

Era of Social Misunderstanding: 5G vs COVID 19

Mal. Murtala Aliyu

North and Covid 19

Dr. Umar Kabir

Core Values of an Entrepreneur

Silas Damson Garba

Global Oil Price Uncertainty and the Nigerian Economy: Implications for Northern Nigeria

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